BSDHost DK | The best little hoster on the planet

BSDhost DK offers fully customized and managed server solutions, on both physical and virtual platforms.

As the name suggests the hosting platform is based on the BSD flavor of UNIX, currently we offer FreeBSD as a platform.

Without a doubt FreeBSD is one of the most high-performing, secure and foremost stable OS platforms in existence, with a proven track record from some of the largest installations worldwide.

The virtual servers we provide are located at TransIP's state of the art facilities in NL, redundantly connected to multiple upstream providers.

As standard the following services are available:

All of the above projects are open source, meaning you don't pay vendor-binding licenses with us, the only thing you pay for is hardware, bandwidth and brain-power.

Our prices are very reasonable, for non-profit organisations and open source projects, we offer free plans.

We are not a traditional hosting reseller and do not wish to be, our services focuses more on the individual needs of our customers and their applications and matches this with our consultant expertise, giving the customer unmatched value everytime.

If you have a project you feel would benefit from being hosted at us, please contact us at

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